Contractor Canvas Dropcloths 8-9oz
The #1000 Contractor Series canvas drop clothes are great for protecting furniture, floors and more during projects. These 9-10oz per square yard premium canvas drop clothes are heavy duty, with double-stitched hems and seams. Contractor canvas drop clothes are all natural and environmentally-friendly. These clothes can be washed and reused, which helps you save money in the long-term. Contractor canvas drop clothes are absorbent and help prevent paint or spillage from tracking. These clothes stay in place without messy tapes. Tarp Supply Contractor Canvas Drop Clothes
  • 9-10oz per square yard
  • Double-stitched Hems & Seams
  • Fabric material is absorbent and prevents paint tracking
  • Drop Clothes stay in place without messy tapes
  • Washable & Reusable: We recommend washing with cold water and air-drying your drop clothes
  • Cut Size
  • Made in USA
  • As always, you will find the best value on PaintersÂ’ Drop Clothes at Tarp Supply.
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