21oz Treated Canvas Tarps with D-rings
Tarp Supply’s Heavy Duty 21oz Canvas Tarp is the strongest canvas, thus heavier than the 16oz treated canvas tarps (colors available: green, mustard tan, brown, olivedrab) and 18oz treated canvas tarps (colors available: mustard tan and olivedrab). Also check out our 21oz treated canvas tarps (only olive drab available). It's designed for outdoor use as the treatment gives off an odor and may leave stains/residue, including when used in direct contact with other products.
  • Featuring D-rings reinforced with patches to provide you maximum strength and durability for easier and more secure tie-downs
Heavy Duty 21oz Canvas Tarp with D-rings
  • 100% woven duck cotton
  • Silicon treated to resist water and mildew
  • Heavy duty steel D-rings with reinforcement patches every 3-4 feet around the perimeter
  • Double-stitched seams and hems for extra strength
  • 21oz after treatment; 15oz prior to treatment
  • Cut Size; will lose approximately 6-9 inches or 3% after edges are folded over and hemmed in
  • Made in USA; custom sizes available at 630-953-4700
These Super Duty Tarps are made in the United States and are made to order.

Please allow approximately 2-3 weeks prior to shipping. Thank you for your patience depending shipping location. If you have any questions or for custom orders, please call (630)-953-4700!
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