Professional Grade Canvas Dropclothes (8oz)
The Professional Series canvas drop clothes are a popular choice for our shoppers. These all-purpose drop clothes are great for both professional and recreational projects big and small. These 8oz per square yard premium canvas drop clothes are heavy duty, with double-stitched hems and seams. Professional canvas drop clothes are all natural and environmentally-friendly. These clothes can be washed and reused, which helps you save money in the long-term. Professional canvas drop clothes are absorbent and help prevent paint or spillage from tracking. These clothes stay in place without messy tapes. For heavier canvas drop clothes, please see our Contractor Canvas Drop Clothes. Tarp Supply Professional Canvas Drop Clothes
  • 8oz per square yard
  • Double-stitched Hems & Seams
  • Fabric material is absorbent and prevents paint tracking
  • Drop Clothes stay in place without messy tapes
  • Washable & Reusable: We recommend washing with cold water and air-drying your drop clothes
  • Cut Size
  • Made in USA
  • As always, you will find the best value on PaintersÂ’ Drop Clothes at Tarp Supply.
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